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Learn: Our Mission
BioLite makes world-changing products
that provide people access to energy
in new and unexpected ways.
World Changing
We come to work every day to make awesome products that solve basic needs. Whether it is out on the camp trail, weathering a storm, or in a rural village, we are committed to providing energy solutions you can hold in your hand while seeing the impact on a global scale.
to energy
Market-based solutions are the key to solving some of the world’s biggest problems. By helping build markets that make advanced energy products affordable and desirable to the end user, we can reach people more effectively. When energy is for everyone, the whole world benefits.
New and
unexpected ways
Scientists at our core, we design from first principles: we strip away pre-conceived assumptions and look at big problems in their raw form. We push ourselves to think in new and different ways, exploring possibilities fueled by curious minds and fresh perspectives.
See: Our path to impact
In 2012 we launched the CampStove with the support of over 25,000 users. In 2013 we will launch large-scale programs in India and Sub-Saharan Africa to help build support for the HomeStove market.
In 2012 we created a product that has the potential to save lives. Now we need to get it out there.
We’ve tackled some big engineering and design challenges with our Gen4 HomeStove and now it’s time to see how it plays out in real homes. Our IMPACT-led programs develop robust ways to measure the HomeStove’s role in reducing respiratory-related illnesses and climate-changing emissions.
When the nearest store is 10 miles away and internet shopping does not exist, how do you buy a product? Our ACCESS-led pilot programs explore the challenges of making the HomeStove both available and affordable through the right distribution channels and financial structures.
Our HomeStove works only if people want to use it. Our DEMAND-led pilot programs help us learn how to create HomeStove awareness through relevant communications and compelling education initiatives developed with community leaders and local partners.
From buying a CampStove to sharing your story, there are a number of ways for you to get involved today—to help us bring energy everywhere.
a Campstove
When you buy a CampStove you have a direct impact on our ability to launch our upcoming HomeStove testing, grow our team, and invest in future R&D for products benefiting both CampStove and HomeStove users. Sales from our first year alone will fundamentally shape what we can do in the future.
the word
The success of our launch year has come from our supporters’ enthusiasm for getting the word out. We’re a new technology with brand new products so a little recommendation goes a long way for us. Whether it’s talking about our mission, our products, or our technology, share BioLite with friends and family and help our network grow.
Bring Energy
We have been inspired by the stories we have received since our launch and it’s time to share them on a global scale. Tell us how you are bringing energy everywhere with your CampStove and become a member of the BioLite Grid: an interactive map showing BioLite moments from all over the world.
Your name here
As pillars of the BioLite community, all names collected from the BioLite Grid in 2012 will be inscribed on a physical wall in BioLite Headquarters – a daily reminder of the incredible support from those who believed in us from the beginning.
Buy a CampStove. Share Your Story. Support a Better World.